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Sometimes it can feel like being at crossroads in life, not quite knowing which direction to take. Other times, things just seem difficult; every situation insurmountable, every relationship a repetition, any decision impossible. Or it might be that anxiety has overtaken many aspects of everyday life, restricting opportunities for enjoyment and making everything feel “too much”. Thoughts of not being good-enough may take over, or feeling inferior or used. You may wish you could be more assertive, able to speak up, or simply being acknowledged for your efforts and what you have to offer.

Things can manifest as anxiety attacks, or episodes of intense worry and concern that something will go wrong. You might have noticed that you are comfort eating, overeating, undereating, or relying too much on your drink every day. There might be an unspecified void. Feelings of sadness or loneliness can become dominant, regardless of whether you are living alone, or in a house full of people. It can also be that you note putting yourself last.

Talking to someone that will listen can make a big difference.

There are times that you might want to understand why you behave a certain way or keep finding yourself in the same situations. It can be that you wish to know yourself better and explain the way you think. You may wish to realise your full potential.

Together we can explore the reasons behind your thoughts and actions.

My practice is informed by the psychodynamic approach. That means examining motivations that are not always obvious. We might decide to look for answers in the past, or within the not readily conscious and accessible thoughts.

Above all, I will treat you with respect and confidentiality. We will have the opportunity to navigate through your personal landscape in a safe space, directed by your pace and focused on your needs, so that you can fulfil your true potential and be the person that you want.


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